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Custom Home Applied Iron-On Heat Transfers



Your first ½ hour of art time is Free.Factory determines if art is Camera Ready - meets production standards. This does not include photocopies or PMTs of photocopies, business cards, letterheads etc. All multi-color artwork must be color separated. For Nylo-Flex and Color-Ons lines should be bold. Minimum line thickness is 1/16" but bolder is even better! If art does not meet these standard an art charge may be assessed. Type Styles will be matched as closely as possible. Exact matches cannot be guaranteed.

      1. Artwork should be saved in CorelDraw (vector graphic file). Vector graphics are made up of lines and curves that can be filled or stroked with color. Bitmaps must be single color, 100% to size, and saved in one of the following formats: .eps, .tif, .pdf, or .pcx.
      2. Please convert all text to curves to ensure there are no font or printing conflicts.
      3. If the file contains multiple colors, please make sure that all colors are "SPOT" (pantone) colors.
      4. You may send the graphic file via e-mail. If you send your order via e-mail be sure to include your company name, address, type and quantity of transfers, and the number of colors. Please send e-mail to: art@mach3art.com
      5. Please make sure that all files are virus free prior to sending.

    A. Fax - $10.00 NET. B. Color swatch of available ink - $10.00 NET (Priority Mail). C. EMAIL PDF Proof - $10.00 NET.

    Allow 3 Days for proof preparation & another 15 business days after approval for shipment (25,000 pieces & less).


Actual pre-production samples require 2 weeks in plant. Allow 15 business days after approval for shipment of order. Call for prices.


Stock colors which are generally close to colors desired at no extracost will be used unless a color match is requested. Color matches must be clearly stated on order using the UNCOATED Pantone color system or accompanied by a color swatch. Color match cost - $50.00 NET per color. We cannot guarantee perfect color matches. Customer must accept factory match once requested.


We reserve the right to ship and bill 5% over and under. Orders marked "no overs" start with the exact quantity. Any rejected in the final inspection will not be replaced. Orders marked "exact quantity" or "no over - no under" will require an additional charge of 3% ADDED to the individual transfer price at any quantity level.


Subject to change on 60 day notice. No in-between pricing.


F.O.B. Iowa Plant. Please specify mode of shipment desired. If nospecific shipping instructions are requested, most orders will ship via FedX Ground or UPS Ground insured for value. Ship costs added to invoice. Truck shipments forwarded collect-goods insured only by carrier on weight basis. Unless specific shipping instructions are noted on an order, we reserve the right to ship by the mode we determine to be most desirable.


Add $10.00 NET for EACH shipping destination and for EACH shipping method.


All positives, negatives and preparation materials are property of factory and filed with job for 2 years.RUSH SERVICEIt is necessary to contact the factory each time rush service is wanted to determine whether requirements can be met and additional costs involved.

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